T-Com extends 01805-telephone conference system made by disy

T-Com erweitert 01805-Telefonkonferenzsystem von disy heute Lindenbaum

Karlsruhe, Germany. To meet the ever increasing demand for immediate telephone conference calls, T-Com has extended its conference call service. Since 2005 the service has been running on the technical platform of the Karlsruhe-based software company called disy Informationsysteme GmbH.

T-Com, Deutsche Telekom’s division for broadband and fixed network applications, offers this contract-free service. By simply dialling 01805-1009 the user can instantly conduct a conference call with up to 20 participants.

Within a year this conference call service, accessed through T-Com’s conference phone number, has become a value-added service. T-Com has chosen disy Informationssysteme to extend its conference call service and is thus prepared to meet the increasing demand for immediate, contract-free conference calls.

The extended hard- and software ensure permanent, uninterrupted service availability for some thousand conference participants accessing the network at the same time.

The technology behind

T-Com’s conference call service is based on disy’s Ready Audio Conference platform (disy RAC). This solution allows the user to hold conference calls on demand without a contract, including cost transfer for each participant. To conduct an audio conference all participants dial an 01805-phone number and enter the given conference code.

The reason why T-Com has chosen disy

The technical platform has to meet different requirements: users, on the one hand, need an easy-to-use application with excellent audio quality, and large carriers, on the other, place the emphasis on performance, top system stability and high availability of the value-added service.

The telephone conference system T-Com was searching for had to fulfil the same criteria. The company chose the Karlsruhe-based software company disy Informationssysteme and its conferencing solution disy Ready Audio Conference (RAC) that has been successfully used by numerous other carriers and intracompany telecommunications service providers.

As product developer and operator, the German high-tech company disy can react quickly and flexibly to changing demands and provide solutions that grow with the user’s needs. disy even ensures that specific performance requirements, such as the parallel support of 5-digit and 6-digit conference codes, are quickly met. The platform operator can preset a conference code with four to eight digits according to the access security required by the service provider.