Swisscom orders business conferencing system from Lindenbaum

Swisscom beauftragt Business-Conferencing-System von Lindenbaum

Karlsruhe, Germany. The Karlsruhe-based company, Lindenbaum, has been commissioned by Swisscom AG, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider, to install a business conferencing system for its customers. With Lindenbaum’s conferencing system it will be possible to hold virtual meetings, sales events, product demos or training courses regardless of the number of attendees: i.e. for just a handful of guests or for large-scale conferences with several hundred guests. Participants only require a telephone and web browser.

Lindenbaum managed to acquire Swisscom AG as a platform customer for its “Business Conferencing” system in September 2009. Swisscom AG is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company.

Like other major service providers, Swisscom has been using Lindenbaum’s telephone conferencing systems for many years now. The conferences are easy to organise and can be monitored and controlled via the telephone keypad or web browser. The only costs incurred by the participant are those of the call itself.

Swisscom is replacing its current platform so it can offer more than just audio conferencing. As part of this reorganisation, Lindenbaum GmbH was awarded the job of installing a new business conferencing system.

For premium providers such as Swisscom, security is just as important as service. Customers in the banking and insurance industry, for example, demand fully reliable conferencing services and 100% data protection in their high security networks. All customer requirements ranging from the self service portal to comprehensive live operator support during large-scale conferencing must also be satisfied. And of course, a Swiss conferencing system demands continual support in four languages.

Swisscom has worked in cooperation with Lindenbaum from the start. Experts in both companies specified the requirements for the integration of the system into Swisscom’s infrastructure and carried out special modifications. The result was a concept precisely tuned to Swisscom’s needs with a uniquely defined interface to the business conferencing system. “We are delighted about the ongoing partnership with Swisscom AG. We have enjoyed working closely with such a committed customer in order implement the optimal solution” said Dr Ralf Nikolai, managing director of Lindenbaum GmbH.