Webinar tariff pay per use

Webinar pay per use

    Participants can be called and connected to the conference. Please find prices in the price list.
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    A discount on all services can be granted only if the flat rate is selected as the basis. The usage right to flat rates is restricted to the contract partner; resale is not permitted. If the maximum number of participants in a flat rate is exceeded, the general terms and conditions of Lindenbaum GmbH apply. Lindenbaum reserves the right to special termination for all flat rates.
    Your customer account on the web portal provides free itemised billing for the current month and two previous months. The customer affirms that he will inform all users of his connection about the recording and publication of connection data. The works council / employee representation must be consulted in line with legal regulations. Lindenbaum has informed the customer of his right to choose whether his connection data is stored in line with the applicable provisions of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) in combination with the data protection act for companies that provide telecommunication services (TDSV).